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Sales Coordinator - Filipino National
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED3,000.00 to AED4,000.00 /month

Waiter/ Waitress
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED3,500.00 /month

Chef de Partie
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED4,500.00 /month

Commis Chef
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED2,400.00 /month

Cashier for Restaurant
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED2,500.00 /month

Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED2,200.00 /month

Sales Coordinator
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED4,000.00 to AED6,000.00 /month

Arabic Luxury Sales Staff
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED4,500.00 /month

Brand Chef
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED14,000.00 /month

Sous Chef
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED7,500.00 /month

Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED9,000.00 to AED10,000.00 /month

Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED4,000.00 to AED4,500.00 /month

Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED2,800.00 to AED2,900.00 /month

Pastry Cook
Dubai  |  Full-time  |  Salary: AED13,000.00 to AED14,000.00 /month